Kia Connect App - One tap ahead

Get in touch with your car at the touch of a button.

Want to know the charging status on your electric Kia whilst you are having a coffee with friends on the high street?

No problem – Kia Connect has that covered and offers much more, in fact, like the capability of scheduling vehicle charging or remotely starting and stopping it

  • Smarter Charging

    Drivers of fully-electric and plug-in models can prolong battery life by using the app to set smart charging schedules. In-app controls allow you to remotely start, stop, and schedule your charging progress, saving your time and money and saving your battery.

  • Climate Control

    With our fully electric models, you can remotely activate, set and schedule climate control before getting in the car, so it's ready when you are. Better still, with the right temperature in check, your batteries will deliver optimum responsiveness and ideal power conversion right from the start.

  • Door Control

    Never again will you have to walk back to the car to check if you remembered to lock it. With the Kia Connect app, you can remotely lock and unlock your vehicle from anywhere without the need for a key. You can also check the window and trunk lock / unlock state, giving peace of mind with a single tap.

  • Valet Parking Mode*

    Be in the know, even when you’re not in the car. If you lend your car to someone else, the Kia Connect app can show your car’s location, driving time, distance travelled and top speed. And even if you have shared your car, you don’t have to share your data as valet mode allows you to limit access to just the necessary controls.

  • Find My Car

    The Kia Connect Locator function ensures you never have that lost feeling again, wondering, ‘where did I park?’ Even in an unfamiliar car park or town, the app will show you exactly where to find your Kia.

  • Vehicle Status

    The app gives you access to essential vehicle information at any time, such as ignition, fuel or battery charge level, lock/unlock status, temperature, cumulative mileage and connectivity status.

  • My Trip Data

    Tap the app to view previous journey information including average speed, distance travelled and time taken. No more guessing or trying to remember; let your vehicle stats speak for themselves.

*only with supported vehicle models or head unit software updates