Kia Connect In Car Services

KIA CONNECT propels your mobility experience into a new digital era.

Stay ahead with real-time information and make every stage of your journey a fully connected, simple, intuitive and integrated experience.

  • Points Of Interest

    Looking for a place to eat, a local business or somewhere special to visit? All this regularly updated information and more is easily accessible via Points of Interest in the Kia Connect In-Car Services.

  • Parking

    You don’t even have to worry about finding a space thanks to the Kia Connect In-Car services that display historical on-street parking locations and live off-street parking information with colour-coded availability, details, and prices.

  • Charging Stations

    The online directory displays the locations of charging stations for Plug-in models as well as other details such as payment methods, plug availability and compatible connector types.

  • Voice Recognition

    The incorporated voice recognition system acts on pre-set voice commands so you can keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road ahead.

  • Notifications

    Kia Connect In-Car services can deliver push notifications via the Kia Connect app to alert you to vehicle information such as triggering of the alarm, Kia updates and diagnostic information about your Kia – all designed to keep you in the know.

  • Cameras and Black Spots

    Be aware ahead of time and let Kia’s on-board service alert you to restricted access road, fixed and mobile speed cameras plus information about accident black spots along your route.

  • Weather

    This is more than just looking out the windscreen to see the current weather! You can check the three-day forecast at any location by typing your destination into the on-board system to see predicted temperature ranges, wind speed and chance of rain.

  • Fuel Info

    Just go where it's low. Fuel prices of the nearest petrol stations are automatically updated to Kia Connect In-Car Services so you can plan refueling stops accordingly.