Kia Connect - Connected mobility for you

KIA CONNECT propels your mobility experience into a new digital era.

Stay ahead with real-time information and make every stage of your journey a fully connected, simple, intuitive and integrated experience. Whatever Kia vehicle you drive, our new Kia Connect app puts you in control of your mobility adventure.

One tap ahead

Get in touch with your car at the touch of a button: Your journey is more than just the time spent on the road.
With KIA CONNECT, you have a range of personalised features in-app and in-car designed to facilitate every stage of your route door-to-door.

Before leaving home, you can use the app to set your car's desired internal temperature*; during your journey, the app the Kia Connect in-car system will use real-time information to update you on traffic and; once you leave your Kia, the app can guide you the ‘last mile’ to your destination.

* EV only